Between the A Through Z: The In-Between Health Habits for Men


There’s more to fortifying health than just protecting your junior.  Plus our recommendations on obtaining a proper sleep.

As men, things were much easier when we were boys. Our parents were the ones responsible for taking us in for routine checkups and doctor visitations. It was there where they lied to us and told us it wouldn’t hurt but of course, it usually hurt like heck. The doctor would give us a lollipop for our trauma, which did little to nothing in making us forget him as the harbinger for pain and anguish. Now as adults, we’re in control of our own health, handling all the planning for doctor checkups ourselves along with the health maintenance at home. In a cruel twist of reality, lollipops are now replaced by hospital bills and insurance policy notices, and diet instructions rarely encourage cheeseburgers and beers.

A lot of the upkeep for healthy doctor visits begin and end at home. Granted, the physiological body is usually the marked indicator for ailment because it is the most ostensible and treatable. When something is wrong with our bodies, we’re prescribed XYZ medicine as remedy. However, in a catch-22 way, the process is known to cycle the dependence of apposite medicine and treatment. Yet, it’s your mind that changes your brain and body. Making a decision firstly about gaining control of your mental and physical health will be the launch point for subsequent planning and amazing results. Once your mind activates that switch to perform at an optimum, you will find mental and physical disease to be mitigated.

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The mind is an amazing system that will bring about any and every advantage you want for it. It’s our control center that will turn our bodies into a machine. All that it asks for in return is that you care for it. You must improve the neural transmitting that will improve your brain and body. These are the areas of your life that must be built into habit in order for any other areas to flourish upon.


What is there to say about dieting that hasn’t already been explicated ad nauseam? A diet is a lifestyle and if you wish to perform at a high level, you have to give your body the proper nutrients it requires. Your body is analogous to a car: a luxury sports car requires a higher grade of gas as opposed to other cars; high performance needs proper fuel. Avoid processed food as much as possible (preferably at all cost) and high levels of salt, caffeine, sugars, and refined carbohydrates. Focus on a macronutrient balanced diet using apps such as MyFitnessPal to make sure your numbers and goals are aligned.

Supplements are a great aid for your nutrition goals as they regulate a lot of the chemical imbalances and/or fill voids where your diet may be lacking. Unfortunately, a lot of supplements on the market are filled with an index of inscrutable ingredients that will leave many people baffled if they don’t conduct the proper research. Mother Nature is called “mother” for a reason; remedies from the earth are usually nurturing for our bodies and mind. The Eastern Botanicals weight loss supplement supplies your body with green tea and other (pronounceable) tea blends that have been used for centuries to aid in suppressing hunger as well as improve the body’s overall digestive function.

Consistent Exercise

There’s not a day that goes by where the health benefits of regular exercise isn’t expounded upon. While many people know the aesthetic benefits of exercising such as weight loss and stoutness, the true value of a successful program lies in all the preventative measures it accomplishes for your life: improved cognitive function and memory, decreased risk of cancer, overall vitality, confidence boosting, etc.

Each person is in a different specific situation and fitness level, along with a different set of limitations/capabilities. What’s most important is starting an exercise program, yes, but above all, sticking with it in a disciplinary and consistent way. Moreover, you should set realistic goals for yourself that are attainable and which you can carry out each day. Getting started is usually the hard part so plan and ritualize an exercise schedule that will help make exercising a habit. Write everything down and find a way to keep yourself accountable, whether by creating a money pool with friends (i.e. everyone puts money into a pool and whoever gets the lowest body fat % after 30 days gets the pot) or having a workout buddy.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be rigorous, especially if you’re just starting off. You can start by walking for an hour a few times a week. For at least once a day, focus on getting your heart rate up and a good sweat going. Having a stretching regimen or bodyweight calisthenics program for strength is also a great and cost-less way to get your body the movement it needs. Little by little, you will see that consistency will provide successes and benefits that seemed unfathomable. Just take that first step and let your clear goals and plan of action guide you.


Adequate sleep is probably the most neglected aspect of overall wellness in our daily lives. In fact, there’s a certain braggadocio associated with getting less sleep these days. People are wearing their ability to function on little-to-no sleep as a badge of honor, with popular memes such as “#teamnosleep” or “I’ll sleep when I die” cited regularly. Paradoxically, you’ll actually die faster if you don’t sleep! Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief and co-founder of online news aggregator The Huffington Post, regularly attributes her success and productivity to her effective sleep.


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There’s a stigma that adequate sleep falls within the 7-8 hour timeframe. Albeit true, it’s the quality of sleep that is far more important than the quantity. Your mind and body pass through five stages of sleep–stages 1 through 4, then the 5th stage being REM (rapid eye movement). Some people can get 8 hours of low-quality sleep where they’re tossing and turning all night, or not reaching REM. This can be attributed to a number of factors: caffeine intake, distracting lights in your room, and/or tinkering on an electronic device an hour or two before bedtime. Considering we spend about ⅓ of our lives sleeping, it would be worthwhile for us to dedicate time in making sure we have a proper sleep system and sanctuary.

Some of the most important things we recommend for a proper sleep include:

  1. Getting a GREAT mattress ( engineers amazing mattresses for fair prices)
  2. Having a snack before bed to stabilize your blood sugar levels (something with healthy fat and carbohydrates, like avocados and a banana)
  3. Making sure your room is pitch dark, including any distracting clocks or direct sunlight getting into your room. Accordingly, we also recommend blackout curtains.
  4. A Chilipad ( Research has shown the ideal sleeping room temperature is on the colder side, right around 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses semiconductor technology to give your bed the effect of coolness or warmth throughout your sleep. Many people have proclaimed this product to be life-changing.

Ample sleep reduces anxiety and mood swings that can interfere with how you carry out your days. Much of the successes in our lives are predicated upon our attitude. If we are constantly cranky, moody, or restless, it will affect our relationships with ourselves as well with those around us. Our best selling Eastern Botanicals Mood Balance promotes tranquility in the lives of people who have used it to counterbalance those erratic feelings. It nurtures the natural balance of your mind to abate the constant mental traffic that keep so many people awake on a nightly basis.

These are the pillars by which you can build a foundation of healthy living upon. Your health is the most cherished aspect of life that many seem to neglect rather than nurture. There are many habits–such as a meditation practice, reading, and spending quality time with loved ones–that really fortify a quality life but are negated unless you forge your healthiest self to promote and enjoy those habits. Eastern Botanicals wishes to aid and equip you with the proper assistance in your journey, whether through our products or from any helpful information you may find through us. Our sincerest wish is for health and joy to be enjoyed by all and any detrimental matter be healed.

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