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Eastern Botanicals Mood Balance- Let’s talk about some ingredients we have designed to give you maximum smiles every day!

Ginseng supports optimal energy levels and sexual health, while promoting Yin energy and clearing excess Yang in order to calm the body and mind. Don’t forget that getting your calm on promotes endocrine balance and lower blood pressure, so we’re talking about serious long-term benefits.

Tangerine peel is high in Vitamin C to boost your immune system and stave off winter colds.
Its warming property supports the body’s blood circulation, anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities. It is known by Eastern herbalists to settle, regulate, and normalize the flow of qi (life force), helping you flow through challenges and live positively in the present moment. It’s always important to calm and soothe the nervous system…tangerine peel can even be used in recipes to add a zing of citrus bliss to your day!

Lily bulb is one for the absent-minded! Help support focus and soothe a wandering mind with this herb. Whether you’re a student who’s stressing about exams or a DJ who’s sleep rhythm is disrupted from one too many late nights, we all need to catch those zzzz’s!
Codonopsis root is a wonderful adaptogen, a group of herbs that help support the body/mind response to fatigue, stress, adrenal fatigue and digestive problems. We all need to deal with stress better and improve our stamina levels in our demanding lives!.

Enjoy EB Mood Balance every day and be happy!

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